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Red Line Trucking

Refrigerated Express Delivery / Truck Wash

Truck Washing

Tractor Wash
• Wash with brush scrubbing $50.00
• Wash with brush scrubbing and brightening $70.00

Trailer Wash
• Wash inside of van or reefer trailer $50.00
• Wash outside with brush scrubbing $70.00
• Wash outside with brush scrubbing and brightening $100.00
• Washout hopper trailer $90.00
• Washout tanker trailer $100.00

In addition to truck washing, we wash RV's and Cattle/Horse Trailers. Call for prices.

Prices subject to change if equipment is excessively dirty. (produce, nursery stock, etc.)

Truck Washing Business Hours
Monday – Friday


New Fully Paved Parking Lot

Wash Facility