Don Nelson founded Red Line Trucking in 1981. The company business came to fruition by way of a trailer leasing business in the 70’s that Don had branched into.

The effects of deregulation in the trucking industry drew Don’s son, Kevin Nelson to become involved with the business while he was still finishing his degree at Kansas State University.

The company was first made up of owner operators. The size reached 50 trucks at one point in the early 80’s. Customer service was and still is the major selling point for the company. Slowly the company transitioned into an all company fleet and still maintains this particular way of delivering goods to its customers.

Times were tough in the mid 80’s and changes in everyone’s businesses were crucial in order to stay in business. This is why from the early

80’s while still in college Kevin Nelson wore many hats. Starting in the field of collections and then on to sales, Kevin gained knowledge and respect of just how hard people had to work to move a business forward. Kevin worked on the maintenance side as well. In 1984 Kevin was asked to take over operations of the company.

Don and Kevin worked side by side to make the best of the times in order to service their customer's needs.

In 1989 Kevin took over ownership of the company and continued the tradition of on time deliveries and providing quality jobs for all employees.

Even though Don is now semi-retired he is still active with company. He is currently Chairman of the company overseeing the fuel program and wash facilities.

The company added a maintenance facility in the early 90’s to keep reliable equipment on the road. Red Line has always had the motto that “Safety Comes First”.

In the mid 90’s the company once again decided that another facility needed to be added to provide a clean appearance for their equipment, thus adding a wash building. This building is also used for loading and unloading products as well as storage of trucks.

In the early years of the 21st century Red Line made the decision to purchase more land in order to double the size of the company. Located just off I-35 and the Kansas turnpike gives much opportunity for expansion.

Red Line may be a small fleet compared to some but new ideas are always being worked on to make the company one of the best truck lines operating for years to come.


Kevin R. Nelson - President/CEO


Don L. Nelson - Chairman